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Immigration Law Research Guide: Secondary Sources

Immediate Needs

Treatises (Monographs)

Ø  Adjudicator's Field Manual  

·         Provides guidance on the adjudication of various applications and petitions filed for immigration and naturalization benefits and deal with specific applications, discussing general matters, basic requirements, issues and actions relating to those applications. It also provides statistical reports and administration of the Adjudications program. 

·         Westlaw

This database contains the text of the Adjudicator's Field Manual, as available to the public from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) administration. The USCIS, part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, provides this manual to assist field officers in their daily responsibilities. A document is a section of text, an appendix, a table, or a table of contents.

·        USCIS Website: 

Ø  A Guide for Immigration Advocates / The Immigrant Legal Resource Center

·        KF4819 .G85

Ø  Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual /USCIS /AILA

·         KF4836 .U8 

·         This field manual provides information on how to process an affirmative asylum application within an Asylum Office. Section I, "Background Information" and Section II, "The Affirmative Asylum Application" provide practical tips on how an asylum officer process affirmative applications.

Ø  Asylum and Related Immigration Protections / Mark Silverman, & Larry Katzman /The Immigration Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

·         KF4836 .J6 

·         This practitioner handbook provides practical tips in the asylum area. Topics include statutory requirements, hurdles, the sources of asylum law, definition of well-founded fear of persecution, burden of proof, judicial review, credibility, Convention against Torture, due process, analysis of five grounds including political opinion, particular social group, race, nationality, and religion, withholding of removal, document requirements, etc.

Ø  Aila's Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure / Regina Germain /AILA

·         KF4836 .G47 

·         This practical guide comprehensively covers most asylum issues such as sources of asylum law, history, standards, definitions, current issues, burden of proof, ineligibility, standard of review, immigration court procedures, appeals to BIA, T and U visas for victims of trafficking in persons, temporary protected status, and practical appendices including interviewing, an intake form, checklists, preparing hearing, a sample letter to USCIS Service Center, sample motions and briefs, etc.


Ø  H-1B Handbook / Austin T. Fragomen et al.

·         Westlaw

·         H-1B Handbook, replaced annually, provides practical advice and forms essential for navigating the H-1B nonimmigrant visa approval process with all the rules, regulations, forms, supporting documentation, legal discussion, and citations to case law needed to obtain H-1B status.

Ø  BIA Practice Manual

·         Available at the EOIR Virtual Law Library

Ø  Essentials of Immigration Law / Richard A. Boswell / AILA

·         KF4819 .B67 2006  

·         The author has endeavored in this book to distill immigration law into its most essential elements and principles.

Ø  Ethics in a Brave New World: Professional Responsibility, Personal Accountability, and Risk Management for Immigration Practitioners / AILA

Ø  Immigration Fundamentals : A Guide to Law and Practice / Austin T. Fragomen, Jr., Steven C. Bell

·         KF4819 .F725 2010 

·         Westlaw

·         Lexis

·         Concise one-volume overview of immigration law. Updated annually. Textual explanation of all steps and requirements in an immigration case with citations to primary sources and helpful practitioner “notes.”  You'll find authoritative insight into key provisions affecting immigrant, nonimmigrant, and naturalization benefits, visa application and border procedures, standards for adjustment of status, documentary requirements for immigrants, jurisdictional requirements for nonimmigrant visa applicants, and
much more.

Ø  Immigration Judge Benchbook

·         KF4819.3 .I464 2005

·         Also available at

Ø  Immigration and Nationality Law Handbook / American Immigration Lawyers Association

·         Annual publication from the AILA annual conference on immigration law. Two-volume set containing articles providing a basic overview of immigration law practice and timely advanced practice topics. Articles updated yearly. Includes selected bibliography of print and electronic resources for immigration practitioners.

·         Replaced by Immigration Practice Pointers in 2010.

·         KF4819.A2 A415 

Ø  Immigration Employment Compliance Handbook / by Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. and Steven C. Bell

·         KF4829 .I43  

·         Westlaw

·         This handbook will help you comply with federal employment eligibility and discrimination requirements under the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986 (IRCA) and other federal legislation and regulations in the areas of employment discrimination and employer sanctions.

Ø  Immigration Fundamentals: A guide to Law and Practice

·         KF4819 .F725 (looseleaf)

Ø  Immigration Law and Business / Austin T. Fragomen et al.

·         Westlaw

·         This addresses the immigration concerns of corporations and other businesses. It provides in-depth coverage of immigration legislation and its impact upon immigration practice.

Ø  Immigration Law and Crimes / National Lawyers Guild

·         KF4819 .I472 (looseleaf) 

·         Westlaw

·         Immigration Law and Crimes, updated twice annually, examines the immigration consequences of criminal activity on noncitizens.

Ø  Immigration Law and Defense / National Lawyers Guild

·         KF4819 .N37 (looseleaf)

·         Westlaw

·         Two-volume looseleaf updated semiannually. Concise explanation of key aspects of immigration law with extensive references to judicial decisions and federal regulations, parallel citations to the U.S. Code and the Immigration and Nationality Act, and more than 90 forms.

Ø  Immigration Law and Family / National Lawyers Guild

·         KF4819 .I36 (looseleaf)

·         Westlaw

·         Immigration Law and the Family provides detailed analysis of the law and procedure governing the acquisition of lawful permanent residence status in the United States through a family relationship.

Ø  Immigration Pleading and Practice Manual / Anna Marie Gallagher and Thomas Hutchins

·         Westlaw

·         In this database, authors have updated the sample pleadings and legal memoranda in the existing volume, and have also updated the practitioners' notes that accompany those pleadings and memoranda.

Ø  Immigration Practice / Divine, Robert C.

·         KF4819 .I4838  

·         Concise one-volume overview of immigration law. Updated annually. Includes reprints of select agency handbooks, INA/U.S.C. Conversion Table.

Ø  Immigration Practice Manual / Patricia Baker et al. / MCLE

·         KF4819 .I483 (looseleaf).

·         Also available at Lexis

Ø  Immigration Practice Pointers /AILA

·         KF4819 .A2 A415

·         Provides accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered including ethical issues, pro bono representation, general agency issues, business and employment, PERM and labor certifications, litigating in state and federal courts, admissibility and waivers, temporary visas, consular issues, asylum issues, removal and relief, LGBT and HIV issues, humanitarian issues, family immigration, naturalization, tax, criminal issues, worksite enforcement, etc.

Ø  Immigration Procedures Handbook / Austin T. Fragomen et al.

·         Westlaw

·         Immigration Procedures Handbook, replaced annually, simplifies the process of preparing and presenting immigration petitions, forms, and applications.

Ø  Immigration Trial Handbook / Anna Marie Gallagher / Thomson Reuters

·         Westlaw

·         This database provides detailed guidance on representing noncitizens in immigration proceedings at the administrative level. Coverage includes initial preparation for court, representation at master calendar hearings, preparation for the individual hearing, evidence and objections, representation at the individual hearing, and representation before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Practice tips, cautions, and checklists are provided throughout the Trial Handbook.

·         KF4819 .G35

Ø  INS Operations Instructions

·         Westlaw

Text of selected operations instructions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which cover INS procedural matters that supplement and clarify the statutory and regulatory provisions dealing directly with application and benefit requirements.

·         Lexis

The INS Operations Instructions is an extensive resource of internal INS guidelines and reference information covering a vast array of functions performed within the Service with respect to the processing of applications, petitions, etc.


Ø  Labor Certification Handbook / by Austin T. Fragomen et al.

·         Westlaw

·         Labor Certification Handbook provides practical, "how-to" guidance on the entire process of obtaining labor certification for aliens under the Department of Labor's PERM regulation, from the client interview through approval or denial.

Ø  Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook / AILA

·         KF4819.3 .K87

·         Updated annually. Condensed and comprehensive overview of important cases, regulations, statutes, and agency rulings in immigration law. Designed for use by practitioners and students.  

Ø  Navigating the Fundamentals of Immigration Law /AILA

·         KF4819 .N38

·         Designed as a “core curriculum” handbook, focusing on the fundamental elements of immigration law and practice. 

Ø  PERM Guidebook for Foreign Labor Certification / Matthew Bender

·         Lexis

·         This database includes nine comprehensive chapters providing a complete analysis of the U.S. Department of Labor's Final PERM Rule issued on Dec. 27, 2004, and taking effect March 28, 2005, implementing the new system of labor certification for the permanent employment of aliens in the United States. All aspects of the PERM rule are discussed.

Ø  Steel on Immigration Law / Richard D. Steel

·         KF4819 .S73 (looseleaf).

·         Westlaw

·         One volume looseleaf updated annually. Steel on Immigration Law 2d provides an analysis of immigration law and procedure. It discusses the basic structure of the immigration law, non-immigrants, permanent resident status in general, family and employment-based immigration, refugees and asylees, grounds of inadmissibility, admission and exclusion procedures, removal grounds and procedures, citizenship and naturalization, and criminal and civil penalties for violations of immigration laws.

Ø  U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Handbook / Thomson Reuters

·         Westlaw

·         The U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Handbook provides essential analysis of the citizenship and the naturalization processes that are vital to practitioners representing persons seeking U.S. citizenship. This edition includes coverage of developments in immigration including analysis of primary law, agency cables and memoranda, and forms, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the history and development of U.S. citizenship and naturalization law.