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Voting Rights Resources Research Guide: Voters Rights Project

This guide is intended to provide non-partisan information and resources for voters in New Jersey.

Voters Rights Project at Rutgers Law School

"The Voters' Rights Project ("VRP") is a non-partisan, pro bono project of Rutgers Law School, with the goal of creating a project that mirrors the national Election Protection program. Now in its 12th year, VRP has grown into a multi-facted initiative, working side-by-side with the Camden County Board of Elections to improve voting conditions in Camden City; educate voters on the importance of voting and their rights; collect data on voter participation; generate targeted strategies to help engage voters in the electoral process in the city; and promote greater pro bono and public service involvement from the law school community in the City of Camden." via VRP Facebook page

RU Voting for Rutgers Students

"Part of the Eagleton Institute’s Center for Youth Political Participation, RU Voting encourages Rutgers students to pay attention to politics, register to vote, and turn out on Election Day. This non-partisan effort is administered by Dr. Elizabeth C. Matto, an Associate Research Professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics." Learn more here:

In this episode of Why Should I Care? we gave Rutgers expert Elizabeth Matto 60 seconds to convince viewers that you should care about voting in the upcoming election:


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