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Administrative Law Research Guide: Research Strategy

Entry Points

Citation Search examples

Print Strategy

Print Strategies w/o citations

1. Start with analyzing facts and formulating  research issues

2. Start with Secondary sources:

•Legal Encyclopedia:
•Am. Jur. 2d., C.J.S., Am. Jur. Causes of Action, Proof of Facts, Pleading and Practice Forms, etc.
•Administrative Law by Jacob A. Stein, West’s Federal Administrative Practice, Pike & Fisher’s Administrative Law, etc.
•Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, Grad’s Treatise on Environmental Law, Hazen’s Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation, etc.
•Looseleaf – Topical
•Tax, labor, environment, securities laws, etc.
•e.g. Standard Federal Tax Reporter
•Legal Looseleafs in Print

3. Sometimes, you may want to search for regulations directly, and find statutory authorities from the regulations. Then, start with:

Indexes (CFR Index or West’s CFR Index);

Full text is available from the following publications:

CFR, Federal Register, CMR, Massachusetts Register, etc.