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New Jersey Law Research Guide: Forms (NWK)

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Primer on Form Books


Collection Practice in New Jersey, by Thomas Clark & Richard Eichenbaum. New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 2010.

This volume is part of the New Jersey ICLE Practical Skills Series, also known as "how to" handbooks for lawyers. The handbook is geared toward the attorney who becomes involved in either commercial or consumer collections. Over 30 forms are included to assist the practitioner.

Call Number Location: KFN1967.C6 C5 2010 NJREF

Forms for New Jersey Divorce Practice, by Edward S. Snyder. New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 1999.

This ICLE publication is in its fifth edition and is updated as needed to reflect changes and statewide developments. The loose-leaf contains forms for all stages of the process beginning with the initial interview and ending with post-judgment practice. Practice notes are included throughout to assist the practitioner.

Call Number Location: KFN1900.A65 S69 1994 NJREF

New Jersey Appellate Practice Handbook, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 2011.

This ICLE handbook has everything you need to know to handle cases before the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey, including: Supreme Court review; the record on appeal; standards for appellate review; judgments and reconsiderations; motions; and more. Chapter 12 is entitled "Appellate Practice Forms" and supplies 31 forms for New Jersey appellate practice.

Call Number Location: KFN2355 .N49 2011 RESERVE

New Jersey Corporate Forms: Practice, by Stuart L. Pachman. Aspen Publishers, Rockville, MD, 1989.

This loose-leaf is intended to assist the New Jersey practitioner drafting documents in connection with corporate practice. Each form contains a prefatory note with explanations and suggestions. The last update to this loose-leaf was October 1997, and there are no current plans by the publishers to produce further updates.

Call Number Location: KFN2013.A65 P33 1989 RESERVE

New Jersey Estate Planning, Will Drafting, and Estate Administration Forms: Practice, by Alvin C. Martin & Robert D. Borteck. Aspen Publishers, Rockville, MD, 1988.

This manual provides you with a clear, current, and comprehensive reference to New Jersey estate planning issues. Compiled by two experts in New Jersey estate planning law, this looseleaf-format, two-volume set contains chapters on every major area of estate planning and administration. Part 1 covers Estate Planning and Will Drafting while Part 2 covers Estate Administration. Updated periodically by loose-leaf inserts.

Call Number Location: KFN1940.A65 M37 RESERVE

New Jersey Family Law Practice, by Gary N. Skoloff and Laurence J. Cutler. New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 2013.

This three volume set is the place to start when looking for divorce related forms. It is published by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education of New Jersey and is in its ninth edition.

Call Number Location: KFN1900.S55 2013 RESERVE

New Jersey Forms : Practice-oriented Forms for New Jersey Legal and Business Transactions, Lawyers Co-Operative Pub. Co., Rochester, NY, 1970.

Title on cover: "New Jersey forms; legal and business." This set consists of practice oriented forms for legal and business transactions. It is updated annually by pocket parts.

Call Number Location: KFN1868 .N45 NJREF

New Jersey Law with Forms, by C. Zackary Seltzer. Matthew Bender, New York, NY, 1964.

This multi-volume loose-leaf set was once the Encyclopedia of New Jersey Law. Volume 2B, Municipal Corporations is by E. Judson Jennings. The set is updated approximately every one and a half years.

Call Number Location: KFN1865 .S4 NJREF

New Jersey Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual, Data Trace Legal Publishers, Brooklandville, MD, 1994.

This loose-leaf deals with the practical aspects of drafting limited liability company documents. It is updated periodically to reflect changes in the law and is currently in its second edition.

Call Number Location: KFN2007.5.A65 G64  NJREF

New Jersey Pleading and Practice Forms, Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co., Rochester, NY, 1987.

This set is known for its concise summaries of New Jersey civil and criminal procedural law coupled with an extensive collection of reliable and well-drafted pleading and practice forms. It is organized by subject and each volume has its own index in addition to the index volume for the entire set. The 9 titles that make up the set are Civil Procedure, Real Property, Torts, Family Law, Contracts, Business Organizations, Commercial Transactions / Consumer Protection, Employment Relations, and Criminal Procedure. This is another Lawyer's Co-op set that is now published by West Group. It is updated annually by pocket parts.

Call Number Location: KFN2330.A65 N49 NJREF

New Jersey Practice, West Group, St. Paul, MN.

This West publication is a multi-volume set organized by topic with each topic having a different author who is an expert in that particular field. Each topic has its own index and each component treatise has its own updating. Titles within New Jersey Practice include Court Rules Annotated, Civil Practice Forms, Wills and Administration, Real Estate Law and Practice, Legal Forms, Skills and Methods, UCC Forms, Law of Mortgages, Criminal Practice and Procedure, Local Government Law and many more.

Call Number Location: KFN1880 .N4 NJREF

New Jersey Real Estate Forms: Practice, by David S. Gordon, Robert C. Schachter, & Charles Applebaum. Aspen Publishers, Rockville, MD, 1988.

This work lays out the details of real estate transactions in a clear, concise format. Topics covered include: Brokerage Agreements, Agreements Relating to Sales, Closing Documents, Improvements to Real Property, Easements, Discharges, Postponements and Releases, Financing, Real Estate Creditor's Remedies, Security Agreements, and more. The authors are New Jersey attorneys who know which detailed facts and sample forms are important for practitioners to have. This loose-leaf is regularly updated.

Call Number Location: KFN1926.A65 G67 RESERVE

New Jersey Real Estate Leasing Forms: Practice, by Martin E. Dollinger. Aspen Publishers, Gaithersburg, MD, 1991.

This loose-leaf is intended to serve as a guide for those who practice in the area of real property leasing in New Jersey. The first part consists of various lease forms and the second part has the many different forms that might be used in connection with real property leasing. The updates to this loose-leaf were discontinued by the publisher in 1999 but the guides to lease drafting may still be used as long as compliance with current laws is verified.

Call Number Location: KFN1917.A65 D65 NJREF

New Jersey Transaction Guide, Matthew Bender, New York, NY, 1984.

This Matthew Bender loose-leaf consists of 12 volumes plus an index and tables volume. The set is divided topically and is updated regularly.

Location: KFN1880 .N43 NJREF

New Jersey Will and Trust Forms Manual (3d ed.), by Walter S. Kane. New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 1998.

This loose-leaf provides a step-by-step guide to preparing wills and trusts in New Jersey. It is a comprehensive 2-volume set and includes hundreds of pages of authoritative explanations of Will, revocable trust, and irrevocable trust tax laws with all necessary forms. The set is updated by loose-leaf inserts and new volumes as needed.

Call Number Location: KFN1940.N4 1998

Real Estate Closing Procedures, by Christine F. Li. New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, New Brunswick, NJ, 2010.

Includes forms necessary for buying property in New Jersey. Kept up-to-date with new volumes.

Call Number Location: KFN1927 .L5 2010